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Two new handspun skeins that I laid out to dry just before new years.


Fiber Used: Bugga!Fiber, 4oz, 70% superwash merino, 20% cashmere, 10% nylon, colorway: ponycorns

Fiber Source: The Sanguine Gryphon

Yardage: 560 yards of a heavy lace weight

Fiber Used: 100% superwash merino, 4oz

Fiber Source: Biltmore Wool Barn

Yardage: 260 yards of a thick and thin mostly fingering weight


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I’m not much of a joiner, never have been. Most of the time I’m perfectly happy doing my own thing, at my own pace, in my own way, but apparently not this summer.

It started with the KnitGirllls’ Stash Dash. (Here’s the official Ravelry thread). I’ve never done a stash down or a yarn diet before, mostly because I like my yarn stash, and see no need to stress out about it, or try to get rid of a large chunk of it. Plus I’m a student which is kind of like being on a continual yarn diet, without a solid end in sight. But the stash dash isn’t so much about getting rid of stash as it is about knitting (and spinning and crocheting and weaving) a crazy amount (5 kilometers, 5000 meters, just under 5500 yards) in a relatively short period of time (between May 27th and August 15th), which makes it ok because crazy goals are fun, and there’s nothing saying I’m not allowed to buy yarn. I’ll be at 2258 yards, once I add my latest shawl by the way.

Then there was Tour de Fleece. (Rav group). Never participated in Tour de Fleece before either, but I figured it would help with stash dash, and I had 1/2 a pound of a green merino/silk blend that I knew I needed motivation to spin, and keep from languishing. So I figured heck, why not. 1.6 ounces are spun and plyed so far, plus some more are singles. I don’t know what the weight of the remaining fiber is, but I’d guess about 5 ounces (I’m not measuring for fear that I’m really far off in my guesstimate, and I have something much closer to 8oz left).

And yesterday afternoon, it was 11 shawls in 2011. (Again, here’s the Rav group). I like shawls, and I like a challenge, and I might be a touch crazy. ‘Nuff said, I’m doing it. Plus there are some stunning shawls and amazing knitters in that group. (I haven’t dared count how many shawls I’ve knit so far this year, but I don’t think it’s very close to 11 yet).

I guess I should probably get back to knitting.



PS. The pattern for Mirror World should be out later this week. Fingers crossed.

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FOs: Handspun

I seem to be on a spinning jag lately. We’ll see how long this lasts, but for the moment at least, I’m considering joining the Tour de Fleece, so there may be lots more spinning to come.

Fiber Used: 100g Wool- Corriedale Finn Rambouillet Cross Sheep

Fiber Source: Spinners Hill while I was at Rhinebeck, this pass fall

Yardage: ~120 yards

Weight: thick and thin, from a fingering to a worsted in places

Fiber Used: 20g total of two unknown fibers, one felt like a wool (the brown ply), and the other like a silk (the green, yellow and brown ply).

Fiber Source: no idea, I think I got them as samples from somewhere

Yardage: 80 yards

Weight: overall a fingering weight, with some thicker spots and some thinner spots.

Fiber Used: 55g of what felt like merino with some metallic sparkle mixed in

Fiber Source: no idea

Yardage: 108 yards

Weight: DK-ish, with lots of thicker and thinner bits.

I’ve played with the look of the blog, and I think I’ll keep this layout around for a bit. If you have an opinion, let me know what you think.

And with that, to all a good-night.

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One of my favorite things about finishing things up, knitting, shows, books, etc, is getting to start something new, and for the first time in a couple of months I’m finishing up projects without having another to immediately fill the void. But of course every void must be filled and so I’ve been casting on a whole host of knitting projects.

The fact that I’ve joined TheKnitGirllls stash dash is also helping rationalize the casting on spree, because after 4 shawls in 3 months (3 secret deadline shawls, plus Mrs. Peacock, between March, April, and May), I had basically nothing on the needles.

But lets start with projects you’ve already seen, shall we.

First up, the top down stocking cap has grown by about 2 hours worth of knitting (or about 10 inches), and is beginning to outgrow the DPNs it’s on.

The formerly Springy, now Somewhat Argyle Mitts, have been ripped out, redesigned, and recast on (even the cuff).

Of course I couldn’t go without a shawl (or two) on the needles.

This is tentatively being called Mirror World, and is out of Madelinetosh lace, colorway curiosity, on US size 2s, and is also a crescent shaped shawl.

Then, because Mirror World is a very “pay attention to me” pattern, I cast on a sideways shawl, currently without a name, knit out of some old handspun, on US size 9s. Since these pictures were taken I’ve added 3 or so more repeats.

And because why not. A skinny little scarf of 1×1 rib over 20 sts, on US 8 needles, out of half of a left over ball of  Schoppel Wolle Zauberball in their rainbow colorway.

I also picked up spinning again when my LYS started carrying some fiber. I now have half a pound of a green merino/silk blend, that I’m spindle spinning. So far I’m getting a lace weight-ish single, that I’ll two ply.

But wait there’s more.

In an earlier post I talked about having a skein of Madelinetosh on hold at my LYS. Well. I bought it.

I haven’t cast it on yet, so I’m counting that as a win.

But I have the pattern and yarn ready and waiting.

I also stumble onto a pattern for a mini alien  (pattern here), and about 20 minutes later the knitting was done.

Who knows how long it will take me to get around to finishing this little guy. But maybe next time he’ll have a couple friends and the beginnings of a mini alien army?

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It’s been awhile (again, sorry bout that), lots and lots and lots of stuff has been happening.
The condensed version of events.
Knitting has continued (Icy Fields is this close to being done and Christmas knitting has been started).
Some spinning has occurred (not enough to get excited about though).
Some frogging has happened (the project just wasn’t meant to be).
One project has been finished (Liesl! YAY!!!!)
Another is off the needles (The knitting on Walk in the Woods is done, but I can’t remember if I’ve talked about this yet, I don’t think I have).
I had a design submission accepted somewhere (which will almost definitely be hush-shush knitting and not see the light of day on this blog until it’s published).
Another two designs are being written up then prepping and preening to go off to test knitters (if you’d like to test knit let me know, they’re both fingerless mitts with lacy ribbing along the backs of the hands).
More yarn was acquired (but I ordered it before Rhinebeck, and arrived shortly after, so it’s been hanging around for awhile now).
Four designs were released (but if you follow the blog you knew this already).
I was profiled on another blog (which is where many new people came from [I think], so this isn’t really all that new either).
More design ideas are brewing (but that’s not all that new or strange).
Classes are getting to be kind of annoying (but that happens around this point every semester, so this isn’t new either).

the longer version (much longer).

In the world of knitting.
I have less than one full round to go before I can cast off Icy Fields. Less than ONE round to go, that means I’m almost done (I’m ignoring the loopy crochet cast off I have planned for now). This shawl has been on the needles (in an astounding number of incarnations) for THREE YEARS, and let me tell you I am ready to be done with this shawl. Oh so ready.
Part of the reason I’m so ready to be done with this project is that, though it has changed a lot (and I mean A LOT), the stitch patterns (all two of them) have remained the same, they have not changed since the finalized swatch three years ago. And I love both of them, but three years is a crazy long time to be working on the same design with the same stitch patterns (in case you’re wondering, it has been the construction that’s changed many many times).
On top of all that I ordered this yarn (Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud, color smoke) in one of the first Knit Picks orders I ever did. That was some time around 2003. I think I talked about the life of this yarn before but to recap. I’ve since started and ripped one shawl. Designed, knit, and published a second shawl (A Study in Grey), and am designing, knitting, and eventually publishing a third shawl. I am ready to be done with this yarn too.
So if anyone would like my leftovers, just let me know and we can work something out. There will be at least one or two, possibly three skeins left over along with one or two not complete balls (there might be a tiny amount of cat hair mixed in, I don’t currently live full time with a cat, but I’ve had contact with a lot of cats throughout the time I’ve had the yarn). It is fantastic yarn, I love it to pieces, I’m just sick of it.

Though Icy Fields has been taking up most of my time (I want it done damn it!), because I want to finish knitting it before all of the details about the design that got accepted get finalized and I need to switch my attention to concentrating on that project, I have been knitting other stuff.
Gothic Spires has been quite neglected (poor thing), and has only gotten a repeat added to it, though hopefully that’ll change over Thanksgiving weekend.
I’ve started one of the three things I’m knitting as Christmas presents, a cabled hat for my sister that matches the fingerless gloves I gave her for her birthday in September (apparently I hit the nail on the head with the gloves, and I’m hoping the hat is just as well received). The hat too is my own designs, and once I finish, I’ll write up the pair and release them as a set (after knitting myself a set). This project is progressing along nicely, I’ll probably finish it up in a day or two, after I’m done with Icy Fields.
And I think that’s all I have on the needles at the moment (we’re not talking about Celtic Forests, it needs lots of chart work). I’ve got a bunch of stuff that I want to cast on for, but I’m waiting till I’m done with Icy Fields (this is starting to get to be a theme).

I worked through another 16th(?) of the silk/merino blend that I’ve been spinning since *cough*April*cough*. I told you the spinning wasn’t very exciting.

Belle got frogged. I love the idea. I love the yarn. I hated them together. So now, the idea is waiting for the right yarn, and the yarn is waiting for the right stitch combination or pattern.

I finished Liesl!!! Happy, happy dance. Truth be told the knitting was finished for ever ago, then I managed to weave in the ends about three and a half weeks ago. After that it sat on my floor for awhile until on Thursday I (finally) sewed the buttons on. And now I have a new sweater. I’ll try for photos and a wrap up post soon-ish.
Walk in the Woods is also off the needles, but is now waiting until I go home to get blocked. Maybe over Thanksgiving, but probably not.

I got a design accepted. YAY!! There was a lot of real life happy dancing.

The pair of fingerless gloves and their matching wristlettes (I’m wearing the wristlettes because my room is freezing) I talked about absolutely forever ago (about the same time I talked about the gloves for my sister’s birthday) are getting written up, and double and triple checked, then going out to test knitters (if you think you’d like to test give me a shout).

I got a big box of new to me yarn in one of Susan Pandorf of Sunflower Designs stash sales. They are all sport, DK or worsted weight workhorse yarns, destined to be hats and gloves, maybe a cowl or two.

I released the Crisscross Caps Collection, available through Ravelry or on the Original Designs page in the side bar (I’m working on coming up with a better way to showcase designs on the blog, the one page for everything is quickly getting clunky).
Shortly before that release I was profiled on CanaryKnits’s blog which introduced a whole bunch of new readers to this blog. Hello and welcome to everyone new, pull up a chair, take out your knitting, grab your beverage of choice and make yourself at home.

Once Icy Fields is finished expect to hear about an explosion of yarn and needles
accompanied by a butt ton of new projects.
Until next time, happy knitting.

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So this might be a short post, but I’ll see what I can squeeze in.

First up, Rhinebeck. Rhinebeck, as always, was a whole lot of fun. I bought some yarn, and some fiber, but I was really nice to my wallet and only bought 2 skeins of yarn, and 6 total ounces of fiber. I’m quite impressed with myself.
The first skein is from the Oasis Farm Fiber Mill booth. It’s a lovely 3 ply, two of the plys are a dark (almost navy, but not quite) shade of blue, with the third ply dyed a very light blue. It didn’t come with a tag, and I can’t find it on their website, but from what I can remember it is around 200 yards, 100% wool, and it seems to be about a worsted weight. I’m thinking that this is destined to become a hat and mitt set for me.
The second skein is 665 yards of 100% sport weight alpaca, from Times Remembered. They don’t seem to have a website, but from what I can gather off a quick google search they have a store in Slate Hill, NY. So, if anyone is around there, it might be worth looking into. That is also a blue, but this time an ice blue, almost white/extremely light grey in color. Destined to become a large and cozy lace wrap/stole, probably designed around a winter theme, possibly ice or snow.
The temperature has plummeted in the past few days. Making it very hard to get out of bed in the mornings, and making me wish I had a few more large warm shawls to wrap up in.
The first ball of roving came from Hatchtown Farm. It is 2 oz of 100% Coopworth in a blend of what seems to be a natural dark brown, and a natural cream, just a few shades darker than white. I’ve never tried Coopworth before, so I’m excited to try this, but it’ll have to wait until I get my current project off my spindle, the wool/silk blend that I last talked about at the very end of this post. For now though I’m very content squishing it every now and then.
The last of the purchases was 4 oz of wool fiber from Spinners Hill. 2 oz were in a blend of browns and greens with some reds and yellows sprinkled here and there (much prettier than it sounds). This I spun into a thick n thin two ply, mostly ranging from light worsted to fingering weight, if I had to guess. I’m thinking I want to knit a toy out of this, but I’m not quite sure. The second 2 oz are a very deep and dark, but still slightly, slightly variegated purple. I think I’ll spin this finer and possibly make a hat or some gloves from it.

Well, that’s all I’ve got time for now, but the text post will include what I’m currently knitting, and what I’m finished knitting. Plus some more stash enhancement, and maybe (it depends how soon I get to posting) the announcement of a new set of patterns. Yes, set of patterns (I’m excited). The Crisscross caps booklet (talked more in depth about here) has gone into testing, and is turning out very well so far. Fingers crossed that it continues to be smooth sailing.

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I washed and blocked a whole bunch of knitting and spinning a few days ago, but will only be posting about the handspun today. In total there were 3 skeins of yarn, one stole, one scarf, the rug waiting to become a blanket, a pair of socks, and a cowl/collar thing. I don’t have any good blocking pictures, so there won’t be a post about everything, but the shawl does need to be reblocked, so there will be a post about that soon.

Raspberries, Belle, Rubies

Here’s a picture of the three yarns, left to right they are Raspberries, Belle, and Rubies.

Raspberries, is approximately 250 yards, 3.64oz, of 100% super-wash merino, from Zen String (now wildflower whimsy) in Raspberry Swirl, ending up at 14wpi. The fiber originally had a lot more white spots that got dyed over and blended together while the yarn was soaking.

Belle has showed up in the past few posts. It is approximately 420 yards, 4.1 oz, also of 100% super-wash merino, from Yarn Love, in the colorway Belle, and ended up at 16wpi. I’m thinking of turning this into a shawlette, or maybe a scarf.

Rubies was last seen in this post, when it was first finished being spun. Both Raspberries and Belle were spun and plied on the wheel, but Rubies was spindle spun and wheel plied. It’s approx 372 yards, 1.55oz, a 70/30 blend of Alpaca/Silk, from Gale’s Art, in Ruby Swirl, and an amazing 28wpi. This will probably end up being a lacy little scarf or a cowl.

I’ll hopefully get the shawl reblocked, as well as some other shawls and scarves blocked soon, and I have a bunch of knitting progress to write about, so I’ll try for more regular posts.


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