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Just a note, to say that I’ve updated both the Mrs. Peacock and Mirror World patterns to make the charts larger. Both charts are now 4 pages instead of 2, making them much easier to read and work from. An updated version has gone out to everyone who has already purchased the patterns, if you’ve purchased the pattern and haven’t gotten the update please let me know.


Hope to be back with some knitting and spinning progress just as soon as I get this secret project off my needles (I’m *this* close to being done).


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These pattern releases seem to be lumping themselves together lately, (birds of a feather and all that?).

Anyway, I have a new shawl available for purchase and download in the latest issue of Tangled Magazine, A-HA (I love the name too, I keep wanting to add an exclamation point every time I type it.)


Forgot to add something super duper important!

Get 1$ off with the coupon code SOCKSUMMIT11 from July 28-August 14!

This shawl relies on the combination of self-striping sock yarn and pi shawl shaping to create radiating bands of color which give this shawl its pop. The combination of these ever-shifting colors and small bundles of easy and repetitive flower-like motifs creates a shawl that is the perfect challenge for newer lace knitter wanting to dip a toe or two into lace, or for the more experienced knitter to work as a relaxing break between more complex projects.

Yarn: Crystal Place Yarns Mini Mochi (80% merino wool/20% nylon; 195 yd [180 m]/1.75 oz [50 gm]; CYCA 1) colorway #108 neptune rainbow, 7 balls

Needles: US size 5 (3.75 mm) 1 set of 5 DPNs, one 32” (80 cm) circular, one 40” (100 cm) circular. Adjust needle size if to obtain correct gauge.

Gauge: 20 sts and 30 rows = 4” in washed and blocked stockinette stitch

Notions: Tapestry needle; 1 stitch marker.

Finished Measurements: 44” (112 cm) blocked diameter

Skills Used: casting on, knitting in the round, k2tog, k2togtbl, sk2p, ssk, yo, decrease bind off, weaving in ends, blocking lace

Only written stitch directions are included.

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Mirror World is now available for purchase as a download, for $6.00 either on Ravelry, or directly through the blog by clicking the buy now button.

Triangles mirrored make diamonds. Diamonds stacked make columns. Columns of diamonds and off-set triangles intermingle and play across a crescent of a field. And as they play, they all see themselves in the other. Because triangles mirrored make diamonds, and diamonds halved make triangles.

Knit in one piece from the top down, this shawl begins by casting on 11 stitches at the back of the neck and increasing eight stitches every other row to shape this shawl into a crescent. Finally, an eyelet-increase row is worked just before the bind off to ensure that a thorough blocking is possible.

Yarn: Madelinetosh ‘tosh lace,’ 950 yards (968 meters), 100% superwash merino, 1 skein, shown in ‘curiosity’

Needles: US size 2 (2.75 mm) 40 inch (101 cm) circular, or size needed to obtain gauge

Notions: 4 stitch markers, tapestry needle, 1 safety pin or row marker

Gauge: 6.5 sts/inch; 10 rows/inch (6.5 sts/2.5 cm; 10 rows/2.5 cm) in washed and blocked stockinette

Blocked Dimensions: 17.5 inches (44.5 cm) down the center back

Skills Used: reading charts, casting on, binding off, knitting, purling, k2tog, k2togtbl, sl 1-k2tog-psso, slipping stitches, ssk, yarn over, weaving in ends, blocking lace

This pattern is only charted. Though written directions may become available at a future date.

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Or in this case second sock, and second mitten syndrome.

I generally don’t knit socks anymore. There was a period of a year or two where I only wore hand knit socks, and consequently I knit a lot of socks, but not anymore. However as part of stash dash (still need to post that latest shawl) I had a ball of sock yarn hanging around that I decided to knit up. It wasn’t quite right for a lacy scarf, which was my first idea, so I figured I’d give socks one more go.

Unfortunately I decided to knit these socks while on vacation, and the only set of DPNs with me were the ones I was using for the No-Longer-Springy Mitts. So I very quickly finished up the first mitten and slipped it onto an extra circular I had laying around, promptly cast on the first sock, and then I remembered why I don’t knit socks anymore.

I think they’re boring.

Now, this is mostly because of my own sock wearing preferences, and because I didn’t want to knit socks I wouldn’t wear. Personally I wear two types of socks, either black or white ankle socks, or crazy knee highs, not much in between. Needless to say, these socks I cast on during vacation were not knee highs, they were basically-black ankle socks with a two inch ribbed cuff (which I think is almost too tall).

Anyway, I powered through most of these socks while on vacation because they made great knitting while reading knitting, but then vacation was over and I didn’t touch them again. Until the other night.


Remember when I used the needles from the mittens to knit the socks? It turns out that I don’t have another set of DPNs in that same size, and the other night I really wanted to knit on the mittens. Mostly, because it’s really easy to see progress on them after an hour or two of work, and everything else I’m working on is lace, and a shawl, and not easy to see an hour or two of progress on.

So I reluctantly pulled the sock out of it’s bag, stuck it on my foot, realized it was slightly too wide for me, decided they would be a Christmas present, and that it was time to start the toe. In less than an hour I was done with the toe, had slipped the sock onto the circular also holding the first mitten, and was happily working away on the cuff of the second mitten.

Until about an inch into the colorwork of the mitten, when I realized I had written down nothing about how I knit the first sock, and if I want the two to match enough to give as a gift, I should really knit that second sock before I forget all the numbers. And with that realization, I’ve been knitting like a maniac on that second mitten, hampered only by the fact that the two shawls on the needles both have deadlines.

So now I have one mostly done sock, one mostly done mitten, one half done mitten, and a sense of urgency, which seems to be kicking second sock (mitten) syndrome in the butt.

(yes the big black blob, is really a sock)

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I’m not much of a joiner, never have been. Most of the time I’m perfectly happy doing my own thing, at my own pace, in my own way, but apparently not this summer.

It started with the KnitGirllls’ Stash Dash. (Here’s the official Ravelry thread). I’ve never done a stash down or a yarn diet before, mostly because I like my yarn stash, and see no need to stress out about it, or try to get rid of a large chunk of it. Plus I’m a student which is kind of like being on a continual yarn diet, without a solid end in sight. But the stash dash isn’t so much about getting rid of stash as it is about knitting (and spinning and crocheting and weaving) a crazy amount (5 kilometers, 5000 meters, just under 5500 yards) in a relatively short period of time (between May 27th and August 15th), which makes it ok because crazy goals are fun, and there’s nothing saying I’m not allowed to buy yarn. I’ll be at 2258 yards, once I add my latest shawl by the way.

Then there was Tour de Fleece. (Rav group). Never participated in Tour de Fleece before either, but I figured it would help with stash dash, and I had 1/2 a pound of a green merino/silk blend that I knew I needed motivation to spin, and keep from languishing. So I figured heck, why not. 1.6 ounces are spun and plyed so far, plus some more are singles. I don’t know what the weight of the remaining fiber is, but I’d guess about 5 ounces (I’m not measuring for fear that I’m really far off in my guesstimate, and I have something much closer to 8oz left).

And yesterday afternoon, it was 11 shawls in 2011. (Again, here’s the Rav group). I like shawls, and I like a challenge, and I might be a touch crazy. ‘Nuff said, I’m doing it. Plus there are some stunning shawls and amazing knitters in that group. (I haven’t dared count how many shawls I’ve knit so far this year, but I don’t think it’s very close to 11 yet).

I guess I should probably get back to knitting.



PS. The pattern for Mirror World should be out later this week. Fingers crossed.

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